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Shire Recoveries emanates from one of the leading providers of finance facilities to the business world. And as such we have developed a wealth of experience in both credit granting and credit management.

Shire Recoveries can manage your lease and rental facilities on your behalf, collecting Direct Debits monthly and then paying those funds to you less a fee. In situations when the customer fails to maintain the payments correctly Shire can pursue the customers in an attempt to correct the situation.

There are many advantages to using this service as opposed to managing the facilities yourselves:

  • Reduced costs. Our services usually cost less than employing specific staff to perform the various tasks associated with running a book.

  • We have bespoke systems to manage leasing, maintenance and membership agreements, in fact any facility which requires periodic payments.

  • We are aware of ongoing revisions to the appropriate legislation.

  • Our collections staff are highly experienced individuals whose skills in this area are second to none.

  • Your business can distance itself form the running of these facilities which means you might retain an ongoing relationship even when your customer has not maintained an agreement correctly.

  • Using direct debits results in lower delinquency and a more consistent cash flow.


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